Things to Know Before Finding Your Next Job

Things to Know Before Finding Your Next Job

Everyone might be looking for a new job this year. Some may have this as New Year’s resolution. But thing is that you have to consider so many things before applying for a decent job.

You have to prepare your resume, portfolio, the email list of the company, cover letter, and other. But have you ever thought of the facts those are going real and might look like a nightmare to a job finder? Still those facts are real. Let’s see what are those facts you should consider before changing your job.

One of the worst facts is ‘chances of getting hired is one in a hundred’. Now that might sound scary but it is true. Recruitment agency Lever made an analysis of data of more than 4 million candidates to come with better answering results. This report is a key source to find the candidate-to-hire ratio.

Now as said by a wise man:

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity”

Candidate to Job

There are good chances that you might be referred to a new company. Yes, this thing happens, sometimes if they don’t need you but if you are a valuable asset then they will refer you to another company. Take this reference as a positive thing to you because now the chances are one in sixteen.

Yes, a referred candidate has one in 16 chances to get hired. Using a recruitment agency increases your chances to one in 22. But if you are thinking to apply through a career page of a company then better think twice. Here the numbers are in bad shape, it is one to 152.

Candidate to Company

Not just these facts also look for the company you are applying to. Big companies do not hold a good image here. Big companies already have 1000 employees to take care of. So the hiring rate is much less than the small corporation.

Big companies are so much concerned about their quality that’s why they evaluate 129 candidates to hire one. And larger the pool more time it will take to make a result. Also actually hiring a candidate takes at least 34 days for small and 45 days for big companies.

Candidate to Interview

As a candidate think to give an interview, he/ she must prepare himself for more than one interview. Normally a candidate faces 3 to 4 interviews in a recruitment process.

All these processes take up to 3 hours and 44 minutes to complete. That is just an estimation of the average time. This time depends on the post candidate appearing for. Like for project manager post-it takes up to 5 hours 30 min but as for sales manager, it takes only 3 hours.